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Take and send geotagged photos for Small Grants - Environment (hedgerow creation) scheme.

First published:
20 April 2023
Last updated:

How to take geotagged photographs

For full details of:

  • what a geotagged photograph is, and
  • how to take one

please see: Rural grants and payments: geotagged photo guidance.

Hedgerow creation

Hedgerow creation is eligible in the following locations:

  • along existing field boundaries where no hedgerow had been located before
  • within fields, to establish new boundaries
  • on hedge banks (earth banked and stone-faced earth banks). No woody hedge plant remnants should exist along the entire length to be planted
  • on existing hedge banks where some woody hedge plant remnants exist. (There would be large gaps between these remnants. They also would not be subject to mechanical trimming)
  • on existing hedge banks where there are some existing mature trees that are retained. (Not a continuous row of trees)
  • to plant gaps within existing hedgerows which are 20m or longer

This option is not eligible where:

  • there are continuous woody hedge plants along the whole length of the proposed planting area
  • there is a continuous row of existing mature trees
  • existing remnants of a hedge have been mechanically cut or trimmed to maintain a hedgerow feature
  • to plant gaps within existing hedgerows which are less than 20m

Help and support

If you have any further issues, please contact the RPW Customer Contact Centre.