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Get help with school costs

The Welsh Government is offering help with school costs – find out about the support your child may be eligible for, as well as additional funding available for their school.

Your child may be eligible for the following support:

Don't miss out: Free School Meals


If your circumstances have changed recently, or if you receive certain benefits, your child may be eligible for Free School Meals.

Free School Meals promote healthy eating, increase the variety of food your child might eat, and can improve their behaviour and social skills.

If your child is eligible for Free School Meals, your school could receive additional funding.

Free School Meals

Check if your child is eligible for Free School Meals.

Claim what's yours: Get financial help through the School Essentials Grant


If your child already gets Free School Meals, there could be more financial help available through the School Essentials Grant.

This support can help with essentials like school uniform and equipment to make sure your child is ready for the school day.

You could be entitled to financial help of up to £200 for:

  • school uniform, including coats and footwear
  • school activities: this could include learning a musical instrument, sports kit and other equipment for after school activities
  • classroom essentials: this could include pens, pencils and school bags

School Essentials Grant

Find out if you can get help with School Essentials.

There's more to come...


By September 2024, all children in primary school can enjoy Free School Meals. Check with your Local Authority or school on their plans for rollout.

Even if your child is entitled to Universal Primary Free School Meals, you will need to put in a request or register them, so the school knows how many meals to prepare.

To access other support, you will also still need to check eligibility even if your child is receiving Universal Primary Free School Meals.

Universal Primary Free School Meals

Find out more about Universal Primary Free School Meals.

Support for you and funding for your school

When you register for Free School Meals, your school could get additional funding.

Find out more about the extra funding available for your school through the Pupil Development Grant.

Get additional help with the cost of living

Find out more about support and advice available to help you with the increased cost of living.