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We want to provide an update on the site at Gilestone Farm.

First published:
18 May 2023
Last updated:


In March 2022, we acquired Gilestone Farm to support the growth of the creative sector in mid Wales.

In August 2023, we were informed that a pair of ospreys were nesting on the site. Ospreys are a Schedule 1 species protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. This is the first time they have been observed this far south in Wales in around 200 years. 

Given the historic importance of this development, the welfare of the birds and their nest is our top priority. 

To protect them, we have:

Read the Minister’s Written Statement to find out more: Written Statement: The Future of Gilestone Farm (29 January 2024) | GOV.WALES

Next steps

Opportunities for sustainable farming and economic development still remain at the site. We are engaging with partner organisations to explore these opportunities for the long term. While we undertake this work, we will continue to manage the farm appropriately. 

We are also extending the current farm business tenancy to allow conversations around future uses for the site. Our principles for the use and disposal of land and property assets will guide our decisions about the farm’s future.