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We are delighted to announce that all fully funded Welsh public sector bodies can access the Government Commercial Function Contract Management Capability Programme – Foundation and Beyond foundation training.

First published:
1 June 2022
Last updated:

The Contract Management Professional Standards have been developed by UK Government Commercial Function to ensure consistency across the landscape and set clear capability benchmarks for individuals involved. The standards and supporting training are structured across 3 levels; foundation, practitioner and expert considering the various involvement, value, risk and complexity of contracts being managed and the skills and capabilities required to manage the contracts.

The Foundation training will allow you to gain an understanding of all elements of the contract lifecycle, as outlined in the Contract Management Professional Standards. The training is divided into 6 interactive modules, giving you the flexibility to learn at a time that best suits you and allowing you to balance the training with everyday work commitments.

The Beyond Foundation learning series has been designed to build on your Foundation level learning and is suitable for anybody who has an interest or involvement in contract management. It will provide you with a deeper working knowledge of the contract management process and your role in ensuring the successful management of contracts. This series consists of nine modules which can be completed in any order you choose, and at a pace which suits you.

Once you have completed the online training, an assessment is available to confirm accreditation. Achieving accreditation will provide recognition for your contract management expertise, as well as help with creating a common contract management language, diverse knowledge base and skill set across public sector.

The online training can be accessed by registering here.

Both courses must be completed by anyone with an interest in completing the Practitioner and Expert Programmes. For more information on the Practitioner and Expert training and to express your interest, visit our website.