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When and how to use the related links component on GOV.WALES.

First published:
5 December 2019
Last updated:

When to use

Before using, check whether this component is appropriate for the GOV.WALES content type you are considering use it on.

Use bulleted related links to:

  • link to multiple similar pieces of content directly related to preceding content
  • avoid repetitive links from within sentences (inline links)

How to use

Incorporating inline links

When incorporating bullet links in content, you should:

Writing inline related link text

When writing inline link text, it should:

  • be descriptive and make sense in isolation
  • be front-loaded with relevant terms
  • be easy to select; a one-word link may be difficult to select
  • not be generic, such as ‘click here’ or ‘more’
  • not be used more than once to go to different destinations
  • for links that navigate to information, be the name of the information
  • for links that navigate to pages where a user can start a task, start with a verb
  • for links that navigate to other sites, make it clear users are leaving GOV.WALES by adding “on [company name]” as part of the link


Multiple similar pieces of information directly related to the content preceding it

Layout of related links