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On 15 November 2018, the Minister for Health and Social Services confirmed the commitment by the Welsh Government, as part of the state backed scheme arrangements, to assume responsibility to consider the liabilities of GPs for historic clinical negligence claims that have been reported, or incurred but not reported, prior to 1 April 2019 (Existing Liabilities Scheme). This commitment was subject to the completion of legal and financial due diligence and satisfactory discussions with medical defence organisations. 

I am pleased to say that Welsh Government has now agreed commercial terms relating to the arrangements for the existing liabilities with the Medical Protection Society (MPS). The arrangements agreed are in respect of the historical NHS clinical negligence liabilities of MPS Wales GP members arising from clinical incidents occurring before 1 April 2019. Shared Services Partnership - Legal and Risk Services will have oversight of the arrangements which include MPS continuing to handle claims for an interim period. 

Welsh Government is delighted to reach this arrangement with MPS which is a financially strong, successful, well run medical defence organisation which continues to serve its members well. A significant number of GPs in Wales will benefit from the ELS arrangements agreed between Welsh Government and MPS.  

This arrangement, together with the Future Liability Scheme which was introduced by Welsh Government in April 2019, will help to strengthen the sustainability of general medical services in Wales.   

This arrangement builds on our strong collaborative working relationship with MPS which has been key to successfully concluding this agreement.