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Heads of Planning,
Local Planning Authorities in Wales

Dear Colleagues

This letter is to inform you of the publication of the Guide to Future Wales: Frequently Asked Questions, 2nd Edition, on 22 September.

Following the publication of Future Wales - The National Plan 2040 on 24th February the Welsh Government met with all local planning authorities to talk about the national development plan and to answer any questions arising. Guide to Future Wales 2nd Edition brings together the most frequently asked and pressing questions raised at these sessions and the Welsh Government’s responses to them.  

Guide to Future Wales 2nd Edition supplements Edition 1, which was published in support of Future Wales in February. Edition 1 continues to apply, and addresses mainly process and procedural questions, whilst the 2nd Edition focuses more on policy matters.

Guide to Future Wales 2nd Edition provides clarification on, for example, Strategic Development Plans and Corporate Joint Committees, Green Belts, directing development to town centres, Mobile Action Zones, ‘gigabit capable’ broadband infrastructure, and dwelling density. 

Guide to Future Wales 2nd Edition is published for information purposes only, it is not part of Future Wales.  Whilst it reflects legislation it is not a policy document and therefore holds no weight or status, and does not introduce any new requirements. The document advises readers to review legislation for certainty on statutory requirements; and Planning Policy Wales and Future Wales for certainty on policy.

If you require any further information please submit your query to
Yours faithfully,

Neil Hemington

Chief Planner, Planning Directorate

We welcome receiving correspondence in Welsh. Any correspondence received in Welsh will be answered in Welsh and corresponding in Welsh will not lead to a delay in responding.