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1. Welcome and introductions

The minutes and actions of the previous meeting were agreed. The Chair reflected on the valuable role of the Forum in facilitating the sharing of intelligence, information and perspectives.

2. Update from Wales TUC on their health and safety findings

The findings were presented and consideration was given as to how the data could inform the work of members.

3. Summary of the Resolution Foundation’s research

There was a discussion between forum members on the findings in the Resolution Foundation’s report 'Failed safe? Enforcing workplace health and safety in the age of Covid-19'.

4. Future Ways of Working in Relation to Sharing of Information at the Health and Safety Forum

The forum discussed a paper outlining options for its future ways of working. There was a discussion about the scope and objectives of the Health and Safety forum. It was agreed that less frequent meetings, but with a more strategic approach should be the focus of future meetings.

5. Focus of next meeting and close

The forum agreed to meet again in January. The Welsh Government approach to vaccine rollout prioritisation and the Welsh Government’s position on private testing by employers were suggested as ideas for the January meeting of the forum.