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1. Welcome and introductions

The minutes and actions from the previous meeting were agreed.

2. Minimising the impact of COVID-19 on agency workers

Public Health Wales (PHW) delivered a presentation which updated the forum on PHWs project aimed at minimising the risk of COVID-19 to agency workers. Each forum member provided input and observations from their organisational perspectives.

3. WTUC/YouGov health and safety survey

The data was presented and discussed. Several Forum members asked for a more detailed breakdown of the data and for further discussion to inform any conclusions.

4. Business action cards

Welsh Government officials explained the purpose and approach to the development of business action cards. The forum agreed to provide feedback and also to disseminate the business action cards through their networks.

5. Dashboard and plans for next meeting

The Chair introduced the data dashboard and the forum discussed trends in inspection and enforcement activity. The Chair reminded members that this was the last meeting prior to the Senedd election and that the next meeting would take place after the election (pending the views of the incoming administration).