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1. Welcome and introductions

The minutes and actions of the previous meeting were agreed.

2. Vaccination programme

Members received a presentation about the vaccination programme from Welsh Government officials. Members discussed the idea of a shared set of national principles to ensure a consistent approach.

3. Employer / workforce testing

Members received a presentation on the Welsh Government’s approach to workforce testing. There was a discussion about a pilot scheme, testing kits for the food sector and ‘ground rules’ on workforce testing.

4. Managing COVID-19 in the workplace

Members received a presentation on managing COVID-19 in the workplace. There was discussion about how business action cards could be promoted and used to guide employers.

5. Wales TUC: survey data

Members received a presentation from Wales TUC on the latest H&S survey data.

6. Dashboard and future operation

The Chair introduced the dashboard of key data including on inspection, visits, enforcement activity circulated in advance of the meeting. In line with the forum’s agreement at its December meeting for fewer but more strategic meetings, it was agreed that the next meeting would take place in March.