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With the deadline for the close of the Welsh Government’s Race Equality Action Plan’s consultation approaching on Thursday 15 July, Minister for Social Justice, Jane Hutt, issued a plea to organisations and individuals across Wales to ensure they help forge the truly Anti-Racist Wales we all want to see.

First published:
12 July 2021
Last updated:

The Minister for Social Justice, Jane Hutt said:

As a Government, we truly believe that tackling racism and inequality isn’t just about words, it’s about our deeds and actions. It is only by listening and acting that we can achieve real change.

It’s important for us all to stop and ask ourselves, what action did we take to address systemic racial inequality? This is a test, for us all, to demonstrate how we will all work towards eradicating racism in our society, together.

That’s why the Welsh Government committed to producing a number of important pieces of work to address long-term structural inequalities and most importantly, deliver a fairer and more equal society.

Our draft Race Equality Action Plan, developed collaboratively, is built on the values of anti-racism and it’s vitally important that we all contribute to it, before the close of the consultation period.

We know that this is just the start of what will be a long process, and that we need our communities’ help in creating the anti-racist Wales we all want to live, and thrive in. If we get this right, we will create a society where everyone is valued for who they are and the contribution they make.

When that happens, we all win.

Highlighting the importance of engaging with the consultation, Professor Emmanuel Ogbonna, Co-Chair of the Steering Group of the Race Equality Action Plan said:

The Race Equality Action Plan identifies a vision and values for an anti-racist Wales, with ‘goals’, ‘actions’ ‘timelines’, and tangible  ‘outcomes’ which will help us to move from the ‘rhetoric’ on racial equality and ensure we deliver meaningful action. We want all of Welsh society to engage with the Plan, to help deliver among other things, an equitable employment market, a fairer education and training system and equalising racial opportunities and outcomes in healthcare.

We believe that the successful implementation of this plan will truly benefit everyone, right across Wales. But we need your voices, your experiences and your knowledge to help us forge the truly anti-racist Wales we all want to see.

Shavanah Taj, General Secretary of the Wales TUC stated:

It’s vitally important that everyone across our society engages with the Race Equality Action Plan. This is our opportunity to shape the future Wales we want: a fairer and more equitable country that delivers for everyone - and most importantly for ethnic minority people who have too often been marginalised.

 We all know that to tackle the scourge of racism we need genuine commitment and ambition. This Plan will allow us to set the necessary goals and actions, and tackling oppressive and discriminatory practices at work will be a key part of this. We’re committed to both working with the Welsh Government and holding them to account as we fight for a truly anti-racist Wales.

Concluding, the Minister for Social Justice said:

Eradicating racism and promoting equality of outcomes, has always been a top priority for the Welsh Government and our work over the past few years has culminated in the co-creation of the Race Equality Action Plan.

 So join us, engage and help us to forge the truly Anti-Racist Wales we all want to see.