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Elen from Pembrokeshire

‘I’ve learned a lot about budgeting’: Student finance helps Aberystwyth undergrad talk money matters  

Elen Roach, a former pupil at Ysgol Y Preseli in Crymych, Pembrokeshire, is in the first year of the Professional Welsh degree course at Aberystwyth University. The first-language Welsh speaker welcomes this introduction of grants to help with living costs and says the cost of university got her and her friends talking about money.

Elen says: 

“I knew I wanted to go to university, so even though there is a lot of cost involved it wasn’t going to change my decision. I think the change in financial support is brilliant as it helps people who may not have considered university before to see it as an option now. 

“One of my friends has gone to university in Cardiff but finances were a huge worry for her and her family, so in terms of her deciding whether to go or not, this new approach with a grant helped her decide. 

“My friend receives the maximum grant. I’m in a position where I get the minimum grant of £1,000 each year. This seems fair to me because if I needed financial help I‘d be able to call on my parents, but not everyone is in a position to do that. 

“I do think it’s fair that everyone gets a grant regardless of their financial situation at home. I definitely wanted to go to university but you do have to consider the cost that is involved. However, for the type of job I would like, it helps to have a degree – so that’s the bottom line for me. 

Don't let money get in the way of university

From September 2018, eligible first time undergraduates will get comprehensive support to help fund their day-to-day living costs during term time, regardless of where in the UK they choose to study.