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Joshua from Cardiff

Student finance helps Cardiff undergraduate pursue creative passion

Joshua Sawyer, 18, from the Pentwyn area of Cardiff, started at Cardiff Metropolitan University this September. Josh is in the first year of his Drama and Media degree course and welcomes the changes to living cost support.
Josh says: 

“Money was always a concern, especially if I was going to move out of home. I decided to live at home but soon after starting university I changed my mind. I wanted to get a bit of independence and have the freedom that comes with moving out of home and being responsible for yourself. 

“I’m getting the highest level of grant support towards my living costs. I worked out I could afford university accommodation, so I applied for a place in halls of residence and was lucky enough to get in. I moved in at the end of November.

“I work part-time as well. I’m a sales assistant in John Lewis, which I was doing before I started university.

“Money was a concern when I thought about going to university, but I talked it over with my mentor at school and she said it shouldn’t put me off. Yes, it does cost, but she encouraged me to think about it because it’s worth it in the end as a degree can open up more opportunities for you.”

Josh, a former pupil at St Teilo’s Church in Wales High School in Llanederyn, Cardiff, recalls a lesson on money management at school.
He says: 

“We had one lesson covering the basics of budgeting in sixth form, halfway through Year 12. This was as part of a UCAS day, where we looked at setting up a UCAS account, what to look for in a university, and had a talk about student finance.

“My advice to others weighing up the cost of going to university is that budgeting is the big thing.”

Don't let money get in the way of university

From September 2018, eligible first time undergraduates will get comprehensive support to help fund their day-to-day living costs during term time, regardless of where in the UK they choose to study.