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Members present:

  • Jane Davidson (Chair)
  • Dr Rhoda Ballinger
  • Dr Huw Brunt
  • Professor Roger Falconer
  • Dr Justin Gwynn
  • Dr James Robinson
  • Rachel Sharp

Also present from the Welsh Government:

  • Dan Butler, Special Adviser to the First Minister
  • John Howells, Tara Doster, Jonni Tomos (Secretariat)

The sixth meeting of the First Minister’s Hinkley Point C Stakeholder Reference Group was held on 21 December. The Group agreed the minutes from the previous meeting, held on 16 November. 

During the meeting the Group heard from representatives of the Environment Agency (EA) and the Devon and Severn Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA). 

Discussions with the EA covered the Hinkley Point C environmental permit appeal, the relationship and working arrangements between the EA and Natural Resources Wales, and the strategic review by the International Atomic Energy Agency of the UK’s nuclear energy sector in October 2019. 

The IFCA explained to the Group their role as a non-statutory member of the Hinkley Point C marine technical forum for the project.  The discussion covered the IFCA’s areas of expertise and the use of its research in the project.  The IFCA also shared its views on the Hinkley Point C environmental permit appeal with the Group.

The Group reflected on correspondence received from the Office for Nuclear Regulation and from Cefas and agreed how to take them forward with other stakeholders.  The Group discussed its emerging 1st phase report and the six priority areas it had previously agreed at the 5th meeting.  Responsibilities for preparing draft chapters of the report were agreed and the Group resolved to begin drafting the report in the new year.

The Group agreed that its next meeting should be on 18 January 2021, at 9.00am.