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Members present:

  • Jane Davidson (Chair)
  • Professor Roger Falconer
  • Dr Rhoda Ballinger
  • Dr Justin Gwynn
  • Dr Huw Brunt
  • Rachel Sharp

Apologies were received from Dr James Robinson

Also present:

  • Dan Butler, Special Adviser to the First Minister
  • John Howells, Jonni Tomos (Secretariat)

The second meeting of the First Minister’s Hinkley Point C Stakeholder Reference Group was held on 24 August 2020. The Group agreed the minutes from the first meeting, held on 20 July. 

A discussion on the Group’s working methods formed the first part of the meeting.  Members agreed that their work should be informed by the principles of transparency and accessibility.  The Group also discussed the arrangements for handling correspondence.  Any correspondence received should be discussed at the next possible meeting along with the group’s intended response.  The secretariat was asked to acknowledge correspondence already received accordingly.  Following this discussion the group agreed a paper on working methods subject to minor amendments to the draft.  The Group also agreed to confirm and publish a final version of its Terms of Reference in advance of the Group’s next meeting.

The Chair invited members to suggest issues and matters that should be prioritised by the Group in upcoming meetings.  It was agreed that the Group would receive papers at its next meeting on the environmental assessments being conducted by National Resources Wales with regard to dredging associated with Hinkley Point C and on the broader consenting arrangements surrounding the project as a whole.

The Group agreed that its next meeting should be on 21 September 2020, at 9.30am.