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Picture of Dr Justin Gwynn

Dr. Justin Gwynn is a senior scientist with the Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (DSA) at the Fram Centre in Tromsø with a focus on marine radioecology.

He has held the position of Programme Manager for the Nordic Nuclear Safety Research's (NKS) emergency preparedness and radioecology programme and  has chaired the OSPAR Commission's Radioactive Substances Committee since 2010. He currently also chairs an IAEA coordinated research project with the aim of providing an updated overview of levels, trends and impacts of radionuclides in the global marine environment.

His current research activities include the use of radioactive tracers to understand ocean circulation and transport pathways of contaminants, the status and fate of dumped nuclear submarines and radioactive waste in the Arctic and the radioecology of discharges of naturally occurring radionuclides in produced water from oil and gas platforms. He has extensive field experience through national and international research cruises and is responsible for the DSA's radiometric laboratory in Tromsø.