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Picture of Rachel Sharp

Rachel has been the CEO of Wildlife Trusts Wales since 2011.

Wildlife Trusts Wales is the umbrella body for the six local Wildlife Trusts in Wales working together to protect wildlife for the future. WTW have more than 23,000 members and manage 216 nature reserves and campaigns at local, national and UK level for better protection of wildlife and the environment in Wales.

Rachel has a BSc from the University of London (Birbeck) in Environmental Management and was CEO of the Brecknock Wildlife Trust for almost 3 years prior to becoming the CEO for WTW.

Over the past 10 years, she has been an external adviser to various organisations including a trustee of the Wales Environment Link (WEL) - the umbrella body for environmental and countryside non-governmental organisations in Wales - and a group member of the Welsh Water Independent Environment Advisory Panel.