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This meeting will now only take place via a Microsoft TEAMS link which will be sent to you via email. If you have Microsoft TEAMS on your computer please click on the link ‘Join Microsoft Teams Meeting’ at the appropriate time. If you don’t have Microsoft TEAMS this can be downloaded and installed for FREE.

10:00 Item 1: Welcome and introduction (Amelia John, Welsh Government)

10:05 Item 2: Minutes of last meeting and discussion around purpose of Group (Amelia John, Welsh Government)

10:20 Item 3: New government and their housing priorities for the term (Amelia John, Welsh Government)

10:30 Item 4: Housing statistics and research update including discussion on housing statistic outputs in 2021-22 (Scott Clifford and Sue Leake, Welsh Government)

11:00 Comfort break

11:05 Item 5: GSR literature review on overcrowding (Hannah Browne Gott, Welsh Government)

11:25 Item 6: Update on the Race Equality Action Plan; housing and accommodation (Amelia John, Welsh Government)

11:30 Item 7: Bringing together housing safety regulations and improvement (Sarah Laing Gibbens, Welsh Government)

11:40 Item 8: Update on 2021 Census and housing outputs, paper and Q&A (Sue Leake and Martin Parry, Welsh Government)

11:50 Item 9: Second homes (Scott Clifford and Sue Leake, Welsh Government)

12:05 Item 10: CaCHE update (Bob Smith, Cardiff University)

12:15 Item 11: Any other business and close (Amelia John, Welsh Government)