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10:00 Item 1: Introduction 

10:10 Item 2: Private Rented Sector – Policy Context (James Hooker, Welsh Government)

10:20 Item 3: Data mapping and visualisation on the housing rental market in Wales (Rhian Davies, Welsh Government)

10:35 Item 4:  Office for National Statistics (ONS) development work around private rents (Elin Farley, Natalie Jones and Ian Boreham, ONS)

10:55 Item 5: CaCHE presentation (Ken Gibb, Glasgow University)

11:05 Comfort break

11:15 Item 6: Future Housing Survey (Gowan Watkins, Welsh Government)

11:40 Item 7: Consultation on the future of population and migration statistics in England and Wales (ONS)

12:10 Item 8: Private Rented Sector Landlords Motivations and Behaviours (Prof. Alex Marsh, Bristol University)

12:25 Any other business    

12:30 Close

The next meeting will be held on 25 January 2024.