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This claim form must be completed by both student and Initial Teacher Education (ITE) provider. Please read this guidance before you complete your claim form.

Section A: personal information

  1. Please complete in full including any middle names.
  2. Use a personal email address. This must match the email provided on the registration form. You will need access to this email account for the duration of the claim period. University email addresses will not be accepted.

Section B: ITE programme

  1. ITE Partnership is the name of the Higher Education Institute where study took place.
  2. ITE Programme studies, please use the full name of ITE programme and include the subject speciality.

Section C: Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)

  1. You will need your QTS certificate to complete this section.
  2. Please attach a scanned copy of your QTS certificate as issued by the Education Workforce Council (EWC).

Section D: declaration

  1. Sign and date. Once the details in this form has been completed you will need to print the QTS claim form to date and sign it. This must be done in ink.
  2. This claim form must then be shared with your ITE Provider.

Section E: payment details

The claim payment will be paid directly into the account that you provided on your registration form. If this account has changed please contact Welsh Government at to amend your details.

Section F: ITE Provider Declaration

  1. This section must be completed and signed by an authorised ITE Partnership signatory only.
  2. The authorised signatory must ensure that the student’s details are correct.
  3. Sign and date.
  4. Once signed and dated this claim form should be returned to the student.

Submission of the QTS claim form

Once both student and ITE Provider have signed and dated the QTS claim form the student is responsible for returning it in PDF format to along with a scanned copy of the QTS Certificate as issued by EWC.

Ensure the form is completed in full.

Ensure a scanned copy of your QTS certificate is included, we are unable to return originals.

Forms not completed correctly, that are returned incomplete or returned without a scanned copy of QTS certificate cannot not be accepted and will be returned.

It is the students’ responsibility to ensure safe receipt of emails. Copies of claims and emails sent to Welsh Government should be retained by students for their records. Confirmation of receipt emails received from the Welsh Government should also be retained. They should be stored securely and be accessible after leaving university and the induction school. If a student has not received confirmation of receipt email form Welsh Government within 10 days, they should assume the email or claim has not been received.

In previous guidance we reference a vendor details form, this has been replaced by a registration form. Previously submitted vendor details form will be accepted. A vendor details form submitted after April 2022 will not be accepted.