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This is a summary version of our tax data privacy notice.

You may give us your personal data and information when you:

  • pay devolved Welsh tax
  • are involved in a transaction where someone pays Welsh tax (for example, buying property subject to Land Transaction Tax)
  • contact us about our guidance and services

Devolved taxes are ones where the tax rules are set in Wales, and the tax collected funds our public services. We collect and manage 2 devolved taxes:

  • Land Transaction Tax
  • Landfill Disposals Tax

We may get personal information from you when we collect taxes. That may come directly from you or from an agent, for example, a solicitor acting on your behalf.

Data we collect

This personal data may include your:

  • title and full name
  • current and past addresses
  • date of birth
  • email address
  • phone numbers
  • identification, such as National Insurance number, passport, driving licence

Information related to tax transactions, including any:

  • addresses
  • amounts involved

Also, any businesses involved, including their:

  • company or trading name
  • addresses
  • company number, if applicable
  • VAT registration number, if applicable

Use of your data

We’ll only use your personal information lawfully, and in the following ways to support the Welsh taxes we collect and manage:

  • to ensure the correct amount of tax is paid at the right time
  • to work with public sector partners who we may share data with, such as HMRC
  • for analysis and research to better understand Welsh taxes and improve services

You or your agent will not be identified in analyses or research reports that we publish.

We’ll also ensure information about you or your agent:

  • is not shared outside the WRA unless there’s a lawful reason and the processing is fair and necessary
  • is not used or kept where you’ve used any of your rights mentioned in this notice.

How long we’ll keep your information

We’ll keep your data for as long as we need to:

  • carry out our duty
  • check avoidance, fraud, or error (may be for more than 25 years)
  • to support analysis and research for as long as it’s useful

Data security

Any information we collect about you or your agent will be collected, stored, and transmitted securely. We’ll only share information about you with others where it’s lawful to do so and required for an identified purpose.

Your rights

Data protection law lists certain rights that you have concerning your data. These rights depend on the legal basis for collecting and using your data. For most uses made of your data, you’ve the right to be informed (which this notice covers).

Data about you supplied directly to us for tax collection and management, and to comply with tax law

You’ve the right to:

  • be informed (this notice - may be restricted in certain circumstances)
  • access your information (may be restricted in certain circumstances)
  • correct errors in your information (may be restricted in certain circumstances)

Data about you from other organisations shared to comply with tax law or assess the risk of fraud or error, including automatic profiling

In this case, you’ve the right to:

  • be informed (this notice - may be restricted in certain circumstances)
  • correct any errors in your information

In some circumstances, where you’ve a genuine reason to ask us, you’ve the right to:

  • object to the use of your information
  • restrict us using your information while we assess your objection

Data about you shared for analysis or research

You’ve the right to be informed (this notice).

Where possible, we’ll remove any information that identifies you from data used for analysis or research. We’ll only pass your identifiable data to others where the law allows it, and where the research needs it.

Data about you that does not relate to tax activities (such as feedback, complaints or storing preferences)

You’ve the right to:

  • be informed (this notice)
  • access your information
  • correct any errors in your information
  • have your information removed unless required by law
  • restrict the use of your information
  • to be notified of a correction, removal or restriction applied to your information
  • to receive your information in a format suitable for transmission to another body
  • not be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, unless you give explicit consent for that

Further information

For full details on information we may hold about you, your rights, lawful use, and contact points, see our tax data privacy notice or contact us.

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