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Deadlines for claiming Iaith Athrawon Yfory Welsh medium initial teacher education incentive payments.


The Iaith Athrawon Yfory incentive scheme provides a £5000 grant to eligible students. 

Students must be on postgraduate initial teacher education programme. They must either study through the medium of Welsh or teach Welsh as a subject.

The grant is paid in 2 instalments:

  • £2500 once a student has been awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)
  • £2500 once a student has successful completed induction

The payments must be claimed within one year of:

  • award of QTS
  • completion of induction

Deadlines for claiming each of the instalments for full-time students

Deadlines for claims (full-time students)
Scheme year (programme start)Qualified Teacher Status QTS) awarded fromDeadline for QTS payment claimsInduction awarded fromDeadline for induction payment claims
2018 to 201901/08/201931/08/202001/08/202031/12/2023
2019 to 202001/08/202031/08/202101/08/202131/12/2024
2020 to 202101/08/202131/08/202201/08/202231/12/2025
2021 to 202201/08/202231/08/202301/08/202331/12/2026
2022 to 202301/08/202331/08/202401/08/202431/12/2027
2023 to 202401/08/202431/08/202501/08/202531/12/2028
2024 to 202501/08/202531/08/202601/08/202631/12/2029

The deadline for claims will be a year later for part-time students.

Students who started an ITE programme between 2018 and August 2023

You will need to claim both instalments from Welsh Government. Read the guidance on the payment process

Students who started an ITE programme after September 2023

Instalments will be paid by ITE partnerships and Welsh Government. Read the guidance on the payment process related to the year of study.