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Strategy Participation Groups that will inform and help deliver our new strategic approach are being formed and there is the opportunity for your involvement.

First published:
11 November 2019
Last updated:

This was published under the 2016 to 2021 administration of the Welsh Government

Each of the groups will look slightly different, with group members being made up of people who have enthusiasm and / or specialist knowledge of the area concerned. In some cases, existing mechanisms will be used and expanded on. Find more details about the groups below.

Young people are thriving: led by Sharon Lovell

Current representation includes URDD, Promo Cymru, CWVYS, Youth Cymru, Pembrokeshire Youth Service, Welsh Government and an independent youth worker. This group will focus on the voice of young people and in ensuring that young people themselves actively shape the way youth work policy is developed in Wales.

Sharon is particularly looking for additional representatives from within local authorities.

Youth work is accessible and inclusive: led by Dusty Kennedy

This group will be looking at how we can ensure that youth work information and opportunities are available to all reflecting a broad range of diverse locations, backgrounds, identities, experiences and needs. 

This group would like to build on the best of youth work so far, but look at new ways of maximising the availability of inclusive youth work.

Volunteers and paid professionals are supported: led by Jo Sims

This group will consider the qualifications, development routes and opportunities for those wishing to enter or progress within the youth work sector.

This group will use existing mechanisms such as the ETS group which has representatives from all areas of the sector, but the group will arrange meetings with a wider group of stakeholders to include others who can and want to add something to this work.

Youth work is valued and understood: led by Keith Towler

This work will focus on demonstrating the impact of youth work both inside and outside of the sector. In part, this will focus on stronger marketing and communications and it will use the established task and finish group to do this.

The approach for this work stream is yet to be established. It is external facing work, with the need to understand how to develop and strengthen links with other sectors such as curriculum development, health, mental health services, social care, police and youth justice and the arts but also to raise the profile of youth work, for example, with Public Service Boards.

Additional groups running alongside the Strategy Participation Groups

Digital Youth Work Transformation Network task and finish group

Led by Dusty Kennedy, this group is aimed at encouraging wider use of digital youth working methods to empower young people's knowledge, involvement and enjoyment of youth work.

The Network will make sure each of the work streams under the implementation plan incorporate digital as a key consideration of their activity.

The Network is live now on Slack. Join the Network.

Welsh Language Youth Work Group

This group is now regularly meeting to promote and share good practice. You do not need to be able to speak Welsh to be passionate about delivering Welsh Language Youth Work and you may bring a unique perspective to introducing unique ways of working to deliver Welsh language provision.

Getting involved

If you want more information about any of these groups, or to express an interest in joining, please get in touch via the mailbox by Wednesday 20 November 2019.

Your expression of interest should outline what unique skills you feel you can add to the group. In all cases the Board will be looking for new group members who can add to the make-up of the groups with expertise and knowledge not currently covered.