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Lauren McEvatt is a member of the Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales.

Lauren McEvatt is a Conservative former UK Government Special Adviser to the Wales Office from the Coalition Administration, where she worked under David Jones MP the then Secretary of State for Wales. Her term of service covered the drafting and submission of the UK Government’s contribution to the Silk Commission, as well as the drafting and initial stages of the Wales Act 2014.

She has subsequently worked for several governments across East Africa and the Caribbean, including the government of a British Overseas Territory, where her background in devolution has proved most useful time and again, as she supported negotiations on British Overseas Territory constitutional reform, and on trade and investment across devolved and national government offices in an East African nation.

She was born in England to Irish and American parents, and was raised in Hong Kong. She currently works in international government affairs covering public and private sector engagement with multilateral institutions and development organisations.

She is studying remotely for an MA in Global Diplomacy at SOAS, where her proposed thesis topic will be on sub-nation state/devolved administration representation at multilateral institutions.