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  • Laura McAllister
  • Rowan Williams (joining late)

Commission members

  • Anwen Elias
  • Miguela Gonzalez
  • Lauren McEvatt
  • Albert Owen
  • Philip Rycroft
  • Shavanah Taj
  • Kirsty Williams
  • Leanne Wood

Expert Panel

  • Jess Blair
  • Prof Emyr Lewis
  • Auriol Miller
  • Akash Paun
  • Dr Hugh Rawlings
  • Prof Mairi Spowage
  • Prof Diana Stirbu


  • Gareth Morgan, Deputy Director and Head of Secretariat
  • Carys Evans, Adviser
  • Ruth Leggett, Head of Communications and Engagement
  • Victoria Martin, Policy Lead
  • Tessa Hajilambi, Office Manager


  • Gareth Williams
  • Michael Marmot

Item 1: Welcome from the co-chairs

1. Laura McAllister welcomed commissioners and Expert Panel members to the meeting. She advised the group that Rowan Williams would be joining the meeting late due to a prior commitment. Apologies had been received from Michael Marmot and Gareth Williams.

Item 2: Final report

2. Laura McAllister explained that drafts of all the chapters had been circulated to commissioners in advance of the meeting, apart from Chapter 2, on the National Conversation. Chapter 2 would be the focus at the commission's meeting on 28 September.

3. The timetable for publication was discussed and agreed by commissioners.

4. The commissioners discussed the chapters in turn and agreed that the next steps were for the Secretariat to produce a revised draft reflecting comments received, ahead of the next business meeting on 19 October.

Item 3: International engagement

5. The commissioners discussed 2 papers on international engagement. The first from the Expert Panel, and the second from the First Minister.

Item 4: Additional papers

6. The commission considered a paper from the Expert Panel responding to Professor John Doyle paper on finances of an independent Wales.

7. The commission reviewed the forward planner.

Item 5: AOB

8. The commissioners agreed 18 January as the publication date for the final report.

9. The commissioners agreed notes of previous meetings.