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  • Laura McAllister
  • Rowan Williams

Commission members

  • Anwen Elias
  • Miguela Gonzalez
  • Lauren McEvatt
  • Albert Owen
  • Philip Rycroft
  • Shavanah Taj
  • Kirsty Williams
  • Leanne Wood

Expert Panel

  • Gareth Williams
  • Hugh Rawlings
  • Diana Stirbu

Item 2

  • Sir Paul Silk

Item 3

  • Elin Jones MS, Llywydd, Senedd Cymru
  • Anna Daniel, Head of Strategic Transformation, Senedd Cymru
  • Arwyn Jones, Director of Communications, Senedd Cymru


  • Gareth Morgan, Deputy Director and Head of Secretariat
  • Carys Evans, Adviser
  • Victoria Martin, Policy Lead
  • Ruth Leggett, Head of Communications and Engagement
  • Tessa Hajilambi, Office Manager


  • Michael Marmot

Item 1: Welcome from the co-chairs

1. The co-chairs welcomed the commissioners to the meeting.

Item 2: Sir Paul Silk

2. The co-chairs welcomed Sir Paul Silk, previously Clerk to the National Assembly, Chair of Silk Commission, and currently member of the Constitution Reform Group.

3. Sir Paul provided his thoughts and reflections on the Silk Commission's work and impact. The work of the Constitution Reform Group was discussed.

Item 3: Elin Jones MS, Llywydd

4. The co-chairs welcomed the Llywydd and her supporting officials. A wide-ranging discussion was held, focusing on Senedd Reform, and the Senedd's work on civic education and engagement.

Item 4: Reflection session

5. The commissioners considered further the evidence they had received and discussed the next stages.

Item 5: AOB

6. The commissioners agreed the next meeting would be a virtual meeting. No other business was noted.