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  • Laura McAllister
  • Rowan Williams

Commission members

  • Anwen Elias
  • Miguela Gonzalez
  • Lauren McEvatt
  • Michael Marmot
  • Philip Rycroft
  • Leanne Wood
  • Kirsty Williams
  • Expert Panel
  • Gareth Williams


  • Gareth Morgan, Deputy Director and Head of Secretariat
  • Carys Evans, Adviser
  • Victoria Martin, Policy Lead
  • Ruth Leggett, Head of Communications and Engagement
  • Tessa Hajilambi, Office Manager


  • Albert Owen
  • Shavanah Taj

Item 1: Welcome from the co-chairs

1. The co-chairs welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Item 2: Constitutional Options Analysis Framework

2. The commissioners discussed the Constitutional Options Analysis framework, and agreed to its publication.

Item 3: Wales Governance Centre / Edinburgh University research proposal

3. As an employee of the Wales Governance Centre (WGC), Laura McAllister informed the commissioners that she had not been involved in the development of the proposal, and that she would take no part in the decision on whether to proceed, asking for this to be recorded in the minutes.

4. The proposal was welcomed in principle by the commission, subject to further work on funding and procurement.

Item 4: Commission sub-groups update

5. The commissioners discussed the planned approach to establishing sub-groups.

Item 5: Community Engagement Fund

6. There was agreement that the messages from the Community Engagement Fund evaluation were important, particularly the perceptions of governments as service providers, and views on the political processes. The commissioners discussed how to engage with further under-represented groups.

Item 6: Forward planner

7. The commission discussed its forward plan.