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  • Laura McAllister
  • Rowan Williams

Commission members

  • Anwen Elias
  • Miguela Gonzalez
  • Lauren McEvatt
  • Michael Marmot
  • Albert Owen
  • Philip Rycroft
  • Shavanah Taj
  • Kirsty Williams
  • Leanne Wood

Expert Panel

  • Gareth Williams

Item 3

  • Fiona McAllister, Managing Director
  • Adam Blunt, Associate Director
  • Catrin Davies, Senior Research Executive (virtual attendance)


  • Gareth Morgan, Deputy Director and Head of Secretariat
  • Carys Evans, Adviser
  • Heulwen Mai Vaughan, Secretary
  • Victoria Martin, Policy Lead
  • Ruth Leggett, Head of Communications and Engagement
  • Tessa Hajilambi, Office Manager

Item 1: Welcome from the co-chairs

1. The Co-chairs welcomed the commissioners to the first in-person meeting of 2023.

2. Rowan Williams thanked the commissioners for their responses to the 'State of the Union' proposal. Having declared an interest, Laura took no part in the discussion which followed. The commissioners considered the proposal and, of those who expressed a view in the meeting, 7 were in favour of the proposal, and 2 were unconvinced. It was decided, on balance, to press ahead with the proposal.

Item 2: Stocktake

3. The commissioners reflected on the progress made to date, and considered areas for further work.

Item 3: Beaufort Research report

4. Fiona McAllister, Adam Blunt and Catrin Davies of Beaufort Research presented the key findings from the first phase of their work. The findings were discussed by the commissioners.

Item 4: Look ahead

5. The commissioners reviewed the planned activity for the year ahead, including priorities for engagement.

Item 5: AOB

6. The Co-chairs thanked commissioners for their contributions.