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The Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales has published its Final Annual Report, which would take effect for the financial year 2019/20.

First published:
18 February 2019
Last updated:

The Panel has determined an increase of 1.97% to the basic salary for elected members of principal councils to begin to address the erosion of the salary in relation to average earnings. This will take the basic salary to £13,868. 

The salaries of leaders and members of the executive have not been increased for several years (except for the increase in the basic element). The Panel consider that holders of these posts have significant functional responsibility and compared to remuneration of many other public sector roles are not well paid.

The Panel has therefore determined that there should be a modest increase of £800 to the Band 1 and Band 2 senior salaries payable to the Leader, Deputy Leader and Executive Members. This is inclusive of the £268 increase to the basic salary that all members will receive.

The Panel are continuing with the three bands of Community and Town councils according to the level of income or expenditure. This is to reflect the wide variation in responsibilities of community and town councils across Wales.

The Panel is continuing mandating a payment of £150 as a contribution to costs and expenses for members of all community and town councils. They furthermore propose that every community and town council reimburse the costs of care for all members if necessary. These measures are aimed an enabling councillors to fulfil their role.

This final report and the Panel’s previous reports and determinations can be viewed at:

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