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Families members bereaved as a result of NHS contaminated blood who have not yet come forward have until the end of the month to qualify for backdated payments.

First published:
10 March 2022
Last updated:

The Health Minister has urged people in Wales to claim the financial support they are entitled to by 31 March 2022.

Health and Social Services Minister Eluned Morgan said:

In recent months we have made significant progress in providing improved financial support for those infected and affected by contaminated blood.

I am aware however that there may still be some people who have not come forward to apply for the support they need and deserve in recognition of the devastating impact this has had on their lives.

Bereaved beneficiaries, not currently on our scheme, have until 31 March 2022 to apply to the Wales Infected Blood Support Scheme (WIBBS) to receive support backdated to April 2019 for those who are eligible.

Last year, the Welsh Government, along with the other UK nations, announced financial support for the bereaved would be extended to provide 100 per cent of the infected beneficiaries’ rate for the first year followed by 75 per cent in subsequent years. This would be backdated to April 2019 for existing bereaved beneficiaries and any new applications that are made before 31 March 2022.

The payments, which are tax-free and increase annually in line with the cost of living, range from just over £14,000 to almost £34,000 annually, depending on their late spouse or partner’s diagnosis.

Anyone bereaved as a result of infected blood who comes forward after the 1 April 2022 cut-off point will still be eligible to apply, but payments will be applicable from the date the application is made and will not be backdated to 2019.

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