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Time Item Papers


Minutes and Actions

  1. Minutes of 9 June
11:10 Update from Keith: meeting with Minister  
11:20 Agree timeline for publication
  1. Draft timeline
11:25 Discussion about an infographic and/or video clip for young people  
11:50 Any other business  
12:00 Close  




  • Keith Towler (KT): Interim Youth Work Board Chair
  • Sharon Lovell (SL): Executive Director for the National Youth Advocacy Service and Vice Chair, Council for Wales of Voluntary Youth Services (CWVYS)
  • Jo Sims (JS): Youth Service Manager for Blaenau Gwent
  • Eleri Thomas (ET): Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, Gwent

Welsh Government (WG):

  • Hayley Jones (HJ): Senior Youth Work Manager
  • Gemma Roche-Clarke (GRC): Head of Youth Engagement Team
  • Dareth Edwards (DE): Youth Work Policy Manager


Rhys Jones (RJ): Report writer, Aberystwyth University


  • Simon Stewart: Dean of Faculty of Social and Life Sciences at Wrexham Glyndwr University
  • Efa Gruffudd Jones: Chief Executive of the National Centre for Learning Welsh
  • Dusty Kennedy: Trauma Recovery Model Academy

Minutes from 9 June

Minutes from the Board meeting on 9 June were agreed.

Update from Keith: meeting with Minister

KT updated the Board on his introductory meeting with the Minister for Education and Welsh Language on 30 June.


KT introduced the proposed timeline for publication of the Board’s report and explained that the Board report would be published in September. HJ explained the timeline and highlighted key dates.

The timeline was agreed subject to feedback from the Young Person’s Committee.

The Board discussed developing a communications, press and media plan around publication of the report to raise the profile of the report and the value of youth work. The Board agreed that Covid recovery should be reflected in the communications plan.

Action: HJ/DE/GRC to discuss a communications plan with colleagues.

KT explained that the draft recommendation on equality and diversity had been shared with Valued and Understood Strategic Partnership Group (SPG) and the Accessible and Inclusive SPG. HJ added that the draft recommendation had been sent to SL to share with the Young People are Thriving SPG.

Discussion about an infographic and/or video clip for young people

The Board discussed the purpose of an infographic and/or video clip for young people. HJ explained that an infographic would provide a visual image of what the report contained and would enable young people to access the key points without having to read the full report.

The Board agreed that an infographic was needed and that young people should be involved. HJ confirmed that input from young people would be a requirement of the contract specification.

It was suggested that the Welsh Government should consider a similar approach when the Welsh Government issues a response to the Board’s report. GRC agreed to consider the suggestion further.

Any other business

Format of report

RJ requested feedback on the format of the report recommendations. The Board agreed that there should be a generic discussion on the timescales and costs associated with the recommendations at the beginning of the report, rather than detail within each recommendation. Narrative within the recommendations should be succinct.

Young Person’s Committee’s contribution

Board members discussed the Young Person’s Committee’s contribution to the report in terms of the aspects of the report they are currently considering. It was agreed that the Board would ask the Committee whether there are any other recommendations that they would like to consider and feedback on.

Action: HJ to send revised draft recommendations to Catrin James and invite the Committee to join the next Board meeting (14 July) to discuss their feedback on the recommendations they have considered so far.

Funding recommendation

The Board discussed how to continue funding discussions ahead of publication of the report and agreed to have an additional Board meeting to discuss.

Action: KT to share dates and HJ to arrange a meeting.

Arrangements for the work of the Board from December

There was a brief discussion about arrangements for the work of the Board and SPGs from December. KT suggested that a proposal should be made to the Minister on what should happen next.

Action: KT to contact each Board member separately to discuss.

Next meeting is on 14 July at 15:00.