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Review of study needs assessments

As from the 01 March 2022, the policy around review of study needs assessments will be changing, and funded reviews will be considered.

The following will attract a fundable review of needs assessment up to a maximum £300:

  • New condition: where a student presents with a condition not identified at their initial study needs assessment.
  • 2 year break in study: where a student has had a break of more than 2 years of study.
  • 5 years from initial assessment: when none of the above are applicable but 5 years or more have passed since the student’s original study needs assessment.

The following will not attract a fundable review of needs assessment:

  • Worsened condition: where the student existing condition has resulted in recommendations being made, the student must be referred back to the original assessment centre to ensure the existing recommendations remain fit for purpose. New recommendations can be made as appropriate.
  • Review at the student’s request: a student can request a review of their needs at any time, this must be carried out by the original assessment centre. New recommendations can be made as appropriate.
  • Change of course: where a student moves from an undergraduate course to a research based postgraduate course.

Where the original assessment centre cannot provide the review, the student must be advised to contact Student Finance Wales where consideration will be given to seeking an alternative assessment centre.

As per SFWIN 07/2021 students can request their review to be face to face or remote, subject to the review required and Welsh Government COVID-19 restrictions guidance placed upon us at the time.

The process for claiming for a review of a study needs assessment remains the same as that for an initial study needs assessment. Any queries relating to invoicing and payment must be directed to