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Listening on 20mph

On 17 September 2023 most roads in residential and built-up areas in Wales changed to 20mph.

Getting the right speed on the right road

We believe that 20mph is right: it will save lives and reduce collisions and injuries. We want to make sure it is targeted on the right roads and we need your help.

We want you to tell the relevant highway authority if you think a specific road should:

  • change from 20mph to 30mph
  • change from 30mph to 20mph
  • stay at 20mph

When giving feedback you must:

  • be clear and precise about which section of road you are talking about
  • give reasons for your views

We are also revising the exceptions guidance. This will make it clearer where roads can be 30mph. This should be ready by July 2024.

The highway authorities will listen to your feedback and consider the revised exception guidance before they decide on the limit for each road.

Where to drive at 20mph

See streetlights? Think 20mph

When you see streetlights, assume that the speed limit is 20mph, unless you see signs that say otherwise.

These streets are usually in residential or built-up areas.

Roads that have remained at 30mph will have signs to tell you this.

If you don’t see a sign, think 20mph.

Find out more

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