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We want to make the M4 corridor safer and more efficient for all road users

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24 March 2022
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The roads review considered this project

This page reflects our previous road investment programme. A new programme was published in the national transport delivery plan.

We will publish new scheme webpages to reflect the new programme.

Why we are doing it

The current road:

  • has a high number of accidents involving vehicles
  • has lots of points where vehicles have high-speed collisions
  • doesn’t offer many opportunities to cycle or walk safely
  • isn’t designed to accommodate public transport like buses.

Current progress

We have carried out a WelTAG stage 2 study to decide how the proposed options will help to make the junctions safer.


WelTAG 1 report published: summer 2019
WelTAG 2 report finalised: autumn 2021
Detailed design development: 2022

Next steps

We will carry out a WelTAG stage 3 and publish the report.

This will help us to decide whether or not we should go ahead with the preferred option.

What we are doing

We want to:

  • make junction 36 safer and more efficient for all users
  • make it easier for people to cross this section of the M4
  • include more ways for people to cycle, wheel or walk along this section of the road.

How we are consulting

We have been consulting with local businesses and landowners in the area. We have also been working with:

  • Bridgend County Borough Council
  • community councils
  • emergency services
  • other interest groups (such as Sustrans)

We will work with more groups to work out the detailed plans once we have our preferred option.


Reports, environmental statements and plans