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We have improved safety and traffic flow on junctions around Newport.

Region / County:
south east - Newport
Start date:
spring 2015
End date:
First published:
31 July 2018
Last updated:


Why we are doing it

We wanted to reduce delays on the M4 and encourage more traffic to use the southern distributor road. We also made the roundabouts easier to use.

The plan

Tredegar Park roundabout

We added traffic lights and enlarged the south roundabout and built a route through the roundabout.

Bassaleg roundabout

We improved traffic capacity through the roundabout and added traffic lights.

Southern distributor road and Pont Ebwy roundabout

We built a road through the roundabout that joins the southern distributor road to the A48.


Invitation to tender: summer 2014
Award contract: winter 2015
Approve preliminary design: summer 2016
Approve detailed design: winter 2016
Begin construction: spring 2017
Completion date:  autumn 2018
End of defect correction period: winter 2019

Current progress

New lane arrangements, traffic signals and sections opened. 

You can familiarise yourself with the changes we’ve made with the maps (listed under publications)

How we consulted

We consulted as part of the M4 Corridor Enhancement Measures consultations.


Reports, environmental statements and plans