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Are you involved in the management of our coasts and seas, or education or raising awareness with communities or councils or related work?

First published:
30 May 2022
Last updated:

Do you want to help develop an action plan to build ocean literacy in Wales?

Ocean literacy is when people understand how our collective and individual actions impact the ocean’s health and how the ocean’s health impacts our lives. Better ocean literacy could lead to improvements in how we manage and use our coast and sea to benefit wildlife and people.

NRW on behalf of the Wales Marine Action and Advisory Group is hosting 2 short online workshops 1-3pm on 13 and 16 June 2022. Register your free place on one or both workshops at TOCYN (13 June or 16 June) or contact for more information.

Workshop 1 (13 June 2022 1-3pm)

  • map existing work of who is doing what, where and the outcomes
  • understand the gaps of what needs to happen

Workshop 2 (16 June 2022 1-3pm)

  • prioritise the gaps for what needs to happen
  • develop an action plan for how we address the gaps