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Under the Common Fisheries Policy basic regulation, there is a duty to keep and land all fish that would previously have been discarded.

First published:
5 February 2019
Last updated:

If you bring waste fish ashore in compliance with this, there are specific ways that you must dispose of it.

Undersized fish may not be sold for direct human consumption.

Non-human consumption markets include:

  • fish meal
  • fish oil
  • bait
  • pet food
  • pharmaceuticals
  • cosmetics.

Where fish is not handled in a human consumption chain, it must comply with the Animal By Products Regulations

Please note that in Wales, we perform both the management and enforcement roles. In England, these are undertaken DEFRA and the Marine Management Organisation.

Stakeholder engagement

We have brought together a group of stakeholders with an interest in the onshore management of waste fish. It is unlikely much waste fish will be landed in Wales in compliance with the landing obligation. But, this group will meet as necessary to review the developing position.