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Photograph of Marco Gil-Cervantes

Marco has led ProMo-Cymru to become a leading social enterprise with a co-operative ethos.

His expertise are in social economics, cultural democracy, youth work and the empowerment of marginalised voices.

Under Marco’s leadership, ProMo-Cymru has developed a diverse range of forward thinking, transformational and innovative projects, with the aim of supporting young people and communities.

ProMo-Cymru has developed and delivered the Meic Helpline for young people in Wales for over 10 years, saved and reopened the Ebbw Vale Institute, the oldest in Wales as a youth and community, information, education and entertainment hub and a played a major part in youth information digital developments in Wales and Europe.

Marco is a long-standing executive member and treasurer of CWVYS, the Council for Wales Voluntary Youth Service, Chair of the Wales Internet Safety Partnership, Joint Chair of the Youth Work Joint Strategic Representative Group and Steering Group Member of Race Alliance Wales.

Marco was born in Andalucía, Spain and came to Wales at 4 years old with his Andalucian flamenco-loving parents.

Marco plays Touch (Rugby) and has played in senior teams for Wales in a World Cup and three European Cup Tournaments. He plays percussion in bands and cycles lots.