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Margaret Ogunbanwo

Margaret Ogunbanwo is Chief Executive Officer at Maggie’s An African Twist to Your Everyday Dish®.

Margaret graduated from University of Lagos in Nigeria Bsc Hons Microbiology. A PgD In Hospitality management followed, as well as a PgCE in her Food Speciality.

She held several management roles both within and outside the food industry. She then moved on to found and run her own businesses.

She has since been involved in the catering and training business. She founded, and has run Maggie’s Exotic Foods since 1997. She has experience in:

  • retail
  • distribution
  • training for the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH)
  • logistics
  • ethnic food catering

Margaret has been involved in:

  • helping
  • supporting
  • developing

small businesses and projects, particularly with the Black and Ethnic minority community.

Since moving to North Wales she has run a catering outlet. Margaret founded Maggie’s An African Twist to Your Everyday Dish®. She is currently its Chief Executive Officer.

Margaret has learnt to speak Welsh passably. She is also the author of “100 Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me”.