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An announcement of public appointments.

First published:
28 February 2023
Last updated:

Role of Digital Health and Care Wales (DHCW)

DHCW is responsible for ensuring the delivery of first-class digital health and care services enabling effective, efficient and safer decision-making through the provision of access to content-rich, person-focused health and care data and information.  

A Healthier Wales sets out the Welsh Government’s commitment to significantly increase investment in digital Health and Care. This will be a key part of transforming our health and social care system in Wales. A Healthier Wales acknowledges the significant challenge of driving digital change at pace and scale. It identifies priority areas for investment, describes a new ‘open platform’ approach to digital innovation, and recognises the need to strengthen national leadership and delivery arrangements.

Role of Independent Members

Independent Members of the Board are responsible for: 

  • establishing and taking forward the strategic aims and objectives of DHCW consistent with its overall purpose and within the policy and resources framework determined by the Minister for Health and Social Services; 
  • contributing to the work of the Board, based upon their independence, past experience and knowledge, and ability to stand back from the day-to day operational management; 
  • analysing and critically reviewing complex information and contributing to sound decision-making, ensuring the decisions are open and transparent; 
  • ensuring compliance with any statutory or administrative requirements in respect of the use of public funds and legislation relevant to the organisation; 
  • ensuring the organisation operates within the limits of its statutory authority and any delegated authority agreed with Welsh Government, and in accordance with any other conditions relating to the use of public funds and legislative requirements 
  • ensuring that, in reaching decisions, it takes into account guidance issued by the Welsh Government; 
  • ensuring that it receives, reviews and scrutinises regularly, financial information concerning the management of DHCW; 
  • ensuring that it is informed in a timely manner about any concerns as to the activities of DHCW and that, where applicable, it provides positive assurance to the Minister for Health and Social Services, via the Health and Social Services Group that appropriate remedial action has been taken to address any such concerns; 
  • demonstrating high standards of corporate governance at all times, including by using appropriate Committees to help the Board to receive assurance and address key financial and other risks;
  • ensuring a positive culture and promote the values and standards of conduct for the organisation and staff; and
  • working closely with NHS bodies, the public, private and third sector organisations, making sure that the views of patients, carers and families are fully involved in helping to shape, develop and improve services.

Term of Reappointment

The Minister for Health and Social Services has agreed to reappoint Marian Wyn Jones and Rowan Gardner as Independent Members of Digital Health and Care Wales (DHCW) for 4 years from 1st April 2023.

This appointment was made in accordance with the Governance Code on Public Appointments.

Declaration of Political Activity

Both individuals have declared no political activity within the last five years  

All appointments are made on merit and political activity plays no part in the selection process.