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Explains the aims of the group, membership and working arrangements.

Vision for the group

To secure effective management of marine protected areas (MPAs) in Wales that ultimately improves condition of our MPAs by safeguarding marine biodiversity, the wider ecosystem and the socio-economic benefits for Wales.

Purpose of the group

To steer and champion effective MPA management, raising the profile of MPA management and increasing buy-in from management authorities and wider stakeholders across Wales.

Role of the group

  • To contribute to the development of the vision and objectives for the management of the MPA Network in Wales.
  • To develop an MPA management improvement plan which includes consistent management delivery structures and establishes better ways of working.
  • To prioritise management issues across Wales and steer targeted use of available resources linked to these priorities.
  • To develop strategic guidance on the implementation of prioritised actions.
  • To provide advice and guidance on the establishment of MPA management groups.
  • To provide a steer on monitoring needs related to management priorities.
  • To promote advice developed by the group to management authorities and stakeholders.


The group will consist of the following members:

Welsh Government - Chair

  • Graham Rees, Head of Marine & Fisheries Division

Welsh Government

  • Julian Bray, Head of Marine Biodiversity & Conservation
  • Richard Lowcock James, Marine Biodiversity & Conservation Policy Officer

Natural Resources Wales

  • Rhian Jardine
  • Maggie Hatton Ellis

Welsh Local Government Association

  • Trevor Theobald

The Crown Estate

  • Olivia Thomas

Dŵr Cymru/Welsh Water

  • Eve Read

National Parks (Eryri and Pembrokeshire)

  • Tegryn Jones

Port and Harbour Authorities

  • Jonathan Monk

EMSO Advisor

  • Alison Palmer Hargrave (advisor on site-based MPA management provided by the European Marine Site Officer from Pen Llŷn a’r Sarnau.)

Working arrangements

The group will be chaired by the Welsh Government Head of Marine and Fisheries Division. The work of the Group will report to and be overseen by the MPA Project Board.

Secretariat will be provided by the Welsh Government. Agendas and papers will be issued to the group members at least one week in advance of the meetings. The minutes and actions will be forwarded 7 days following the meeting.

The group will meet 2 to 3 times per year although the frequency of meetings are likely to be increased in the first year as the preparation of the improvement plan is underway.


There will be an annual review of the purpose, objectives and membership of the group.