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The Ministerial Advisory Group for Welsh Fisheries advises ministers and officials on fisheries and aquaculture. It represents the fishing and aquaculture industries.

1. Purpose

1.1 The Ministerial Advisory Group for Welsh Fisheries (MAGWF) is a strategic, streamlined, high-level group. It replaces the Wales Marine Fisheries Advisory Group (WMFAG). It has a broader range of membership chaired by officials, or the Minister, where necessary. It represents the Welsh fishing and aquaculture industries across the supply chain. It also provides advice to Ministers and officials on a broad range of strategic fisheries and aquaculture issues.

1.2 Alongside the strategic group, more distinct groups will be established as required. They will deliver co-management of specific Welsh fisheries. These include developing Fisheries Management Plans (FMPs) within the UK Fisheries Act 2020 Joint Fisheries Statement framework. These groups will update the strategic group and keep them appraised of progress. However, there is no direct accountability from these groups to MAGWF. Until species specific groups are established MAGWF will be the temporary forum for these discussions.

2. Governance

2.1. Officials will ensure alignment of governance structures and consistency of approach between MAGWF and existing groups. These include Coasts and Seas Partnership Cymru (CaSP Cymru).   

2.2. An agenda will set out the group’s work ahead of meetings but will keep an element of flexibility to include matters arising. 

2.3. Clear direction for the group will be set and a programme of work with defined roles.  

3. Membership

3.1. Membership of MAGWF will include: 

  • fishers ’ and aquaculture representative bodies
  • supply chain representatives
  • environmental group representatives 
  • academia. 

The main purpose of the group is to shape fisheries strategies. The group membership will be flexible and reviewed so it can be open to new members.

The current membership of MAGWF is:

Jim Evans - Welsh Fishermen's Association
*Second WFA representative - Welsh Fishermen's Association
Emily Williams - Wales Environmental Link (RSPB)
Gareth Cunningham - Wales Environmental Link (MCS)
Colin Charman - NRW
Mark Gray - The Menai Seafood Company
Natalie Hold - Bangor University
Lynn Gilmore - Seafish
Nerys Edwards - Syren Shellfish
Carl Davies - Commercial Fisherman
John O'Connor - Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers
Colin MacDonald - Parsons Pickles
Alan Winstone - Menai Straight Fishery Order Management Association (MSFOMA)

4. Ways of working

4.1. Members of MAGWF attend meetings on a quarterly basis. These are held via Microsoft Teams, or in person. Members are asked to provide any input outside of the meetings via email. 

4.2. Members are expected to seek views of the representative bodies. Where appropriate they should forward the papers amongst their organisations. Papers shared by Welsh Government may be shared with third parties unless stated otherwise. Papers which are not to be shared beyond membership organisations will be labelled. Any information sharing should also adhere to data protection requirements.

5. Secretariat

5.1. Secretariat is provided by Welsh Government’s Marine and Fisheries Division. They will act as a central point for all communications.
5.2. ‘Action’ or ‘Discussion’ style minutes will be taken of each meeting and shared with members for approval. All queries should be directed to the secretariat.