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Eligibility for the Mpox vaccination programme.

First published:
30 September 2022
Last updated:

Mpox is the new preferred term given by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to what was previously known as Monkeypox. The new term seeks to move away from the racism, negative connotations and stigma observed during the outbreak.

The Welsh Government has developed a revised mpox vaccination deployment strategy to ensure everyone eligible is offered a vaccine course.

The eligibility criteria remains unchanged, but under the new strategy, health boards will be required to regularly update their lists to identify people who may recently have become eligible and offer them a vaccine. 

If you haven’t had your vaccine yet, and you’re in the eligible groups, you could be at a higher risk of getting mpox.

If you have had contact with sexual health services and are eligible, you will be invited by health boards. People who are unsure about their eligibility, or believe they are eligible are encouraged to come forward, by contacting their local health board.

Health boards will also be sending invites for a second dose to people who have already had a first vaccine.

Maximising vaccination uptake is so important. Those eligible can get their vaccine now. If you are eligible, please come forward so you can enjoy the upcoming festival season and protect yourself, your friends and your loved ones.

Further information on Mpox is available on the Public Health Wales website.