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Attendees included:

  • Association of Directors of Education in Wales (ADEW)
  • Colegau Cymru
  • Estyn
  • Education Tribunal for Wales (ETW)
  • Health Board Directors of Service
  • Local Authority inclusion leads and Directors of Service
  • National Academy for Educational Leadership
  • SNAP Cymru
  • Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA)
  • Welsh Government (WG)

1. Welcomes and introductions

The Chair welcomed the Group and noted apologies for 3 members.

2. Minutes and actions

Three open actions from previous meetings were discussed and are ongoing.

3. National Academy for Educational Leadership Wales (NAELW) survey insights and workplan

Representative from NAELW provided the group with an update on their review of implementation of the ALN Act and its impact on leadership across the sector.

Their report has identified 5 recommendations across areas including:

  • health and wellbeing
  • retention of staff
  • finance
  • Welsh Medium settings
  • relationship with the Health sector

The group held a discussion on the report and its findings, considering the implications for each member’s respective organisation.

The timing of the report’s publication will be aligned with Estyn’s thematic review.

4. European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education (EASNIE)

Welsh Government updated the group following attendance at the EASNIE Biannual meeting in May 2023, their discussions of best practice, research, and work across the 31 member countries. The presentation slides were shared with all members at the meeting.

All countries represented were working towards policies aligned with the Social Model of Disability, which Wales already operates in accordance with.

The agency has developed a range of resources for professional learning, and inclusive education, and that Wales are making positive steps in this area, but there is opportunity to consider international benchmarking and comparisons with other member countries.

5. Welsh Government business

Welsh Government gave an update on the post-16 Task and Finish Group, how it has achieved its expected remit since its establishment in February 2023, and the group will be coming to its conclusion. The resources created by the group, and outcome of its debates and discussions, will be shared with the sector, with the All Wales Officers Group, considering and facilitating this dissemination of information.

Welsh Government gave an update on the first meeting of the Welsh language task and finish group, supporting Welsh Government to prepare for the 5-year national review, and recent policy paper published by Welsh Government.

Finally, Welsh Government updated the group of the Welsh Language and Children’s Commissioners’ paper on ALN and Welsh language, which was published on 1 June 2023. The report set out six recommendations, which all align with Welsh Government priorities, and can be positively achieved, through collaborative working with the two commissioners. A link to the supporting paper was shared with attendees.

6. Any other business

A clarification was given that the Tribunal does not hear claims of disability discrimination against any further education colleges and only hears claims against schools.

The next meeting scheduled for 28 September 2023.