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How to apply for funding for projects to support bereavement care and support.

First published:
28 October 2021
Last updated:


The Welsh Government has developed a national framework for the delivery of bereavement care in Wales. 

The national bereavement framework includes:

  • core principles
  • minimum standards
  • a range of actions to support regional and local planning

The framework recognises that there will be long lasting effects from the pandemic. It includes a section about learning lessons from COVID-19. We consulted on this framework via a public consultation.


Implementation of the framework is being supported by a Bereavement Support Grant of £1m per year (2021 to 2024).

Who can apply?

Third sector organisations can apply for the grant. We want to support projects that support the delivery of bereavement care and support. Projects need to be in line with the 3 components of bereavement support described by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE). 

Proposals are welcomed from individual organisations or from a collaboration of organisations.

Grant criteria

The project must:

  • be delivered in Wales (locally, regionally or at an-all Wales level)
  • be either sustainable beyond the funding period of 2021 to 2024, or be delivered fully within the funding period
  • add value to the provision of existing bereavement services
  • complement those services provided by the NHS, public sector or third sector in Wales
  • address identified gaps in the provision of bereavement services such as those highlighted in the national framework
  • help reduce waiting times for bereavement services in Wales
  • address the bereavement needs of Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority communities
  • improve the provision of and access to bereavement services for people with protected characteristics  (Your rights under the Equality Act 2010 | Equality and Human Rights Commission (
  • support Welsh Government Welsh language policies and support other language needs
  • support individuals from vulnerable groups
  • support people in Wales arriving under the resettlement schemes from Afghanistan, and other refugees requiring bereavement support
  • help reduce waiting times for bereavement services in Wales (including the provision of immediate support following a bereavement)

How to apply

Please complete the application form.

Applications from a collaboration of organisations

When applications are submitted from a collaboration of organisations, the following information is required:

  • a lead organisation
  • evidence of a memorandum of understanding

We are seeking proposals for both specific types of bereavement and/or general bereavement services.

How will funding be awarded?

We will consider applications on a competitive basis.  We will award funding to the organisations that are best able to demonstrate how their proposals support the grant criteria. We will carry out due diligence checks with successful applicants before the grant award is confirmed.

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