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We commissioned this review from the Environment and Rural Affairs Monitoring and Modelling Programme (ERAMMP).

First published:
29 April 2021
Last updated:

It provides key evidence of potential benefits and disadvantages of:

  • woodland creation
  • woodland expansion, and
  • managing undermanaged woodland

The report provides an independent evidence base. This will be used to inform the development of a National Forest for Wales and wider Forestry Policy. It brought together 41 respected experts from 8 research organisations. It explores 6 key areas:

  • biodiversity
  • managing undermanaged woodland
  • future-proofing our woodland
  • climate change mitigation
  • ecosystem services
  • economics and natural capital accounting

The ERAMMP National Forest Evidence Pack concludes with an integrated assessment. This provides a synthesis of cross-cutting themes and dependencies between the focus areas. It also shows the key trade-offs of woodland creation.

We are producing an annex for this review, which we will publish over the summer.

To read the full reports visit the Environment and Rural Affairs Monitoring and Modelling Programme.