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Our commitment to create a network of woodland running the length and breadth of Wales.

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9 March 2021
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Welcome to the National Forest for Wales

In the spring of 2020, we announced our commitment to the National Forest for Wales. It will:

  • create areas of new woodland
  • help to restore and maintain some of our irreplaceable ancient woodlands

In time it will form a connected network of woodlands throughout Wales. This will bring social, economic and environmental benefits.

New managed woodlands created for the National Forest will:

  • provide spaces for leisure and nature
  • help to capture and store carbon
  • provide timber - a sustainable resource for construction

Creating a National Forest in Wales is a long term commitment, spanning many decades. We are currently engaging with a wide range of stakeholders to understand how best to deliver the National Forest.  

The Woodland Investment Grant

On 13 June 2022, we opened applications for a new round of The Woodland Investment Grant (TWIG). This followed the successful delivery of the pilot scheme in 2021.

This scheme will provide financial support for people to:

  • create new woodlands
  • enhance and expand existing woodlands

in accordance with the UK Forestry Standard.

These woodlands must have the potential to be part of the National Forest network in the future. This means woodlands that

  • are well-managed
  • are accessible to people
  • give local communities the opportunity to get involved in woodlands and nature

National Forest Event – Your Views and Voices

We held a series of online discussion sessions on 10-12 March. This was to give people the opportunity to discuss the National Forest for Wales. 

The First Minister opened the three day online event. He announced a new demonstrator project to increase the number of exemplar National Forest sites across Wales. These will be in addition to those fabulous woodlands already on our Woodland Estate. These woodlands will help us to achieve our National Forest outcomes.

They also showcase the time, effort and enthusiasm so many people put into managing them.
There will also be funding:

  • to improve woodlands to National Forest standard in the future, including
  • for new woodland areas

Further details will follow over the next few months.

Recordings of the event are now available on our YouTube National Forest for Wales playlist.

The Peoples Collection

The Peoples Collection celebrates Wales’ heritage and culture. It is a collection of resources that link to the history, culture and people of Wales. Anyone can contribute to it.

The National Forest programme is collaborating with:

  • the National Museum
  • the National Library of Wales, and
  • the Royal commission for ancient and historical monuments of Wales

to create a National Forest People’s Collection for Wales. Creating a dedicated area for the National Forest on the People’s Collection Wales will enable communities to engage. They can collate memories, narrative and media on their personal connections with trees.

Visit the National Forests Peoples Collection

If you have a contribution for the collection, email

National Forest sites to date

In autumn 2020 we announced the first 14 National Forest sites.

These sites mark the beginning of our commitment. They are part of our estate, and are managed and maintained by Natural Resources Wales.

This year, we will work alongside partners to look at other new and existing woodlands. We will discuss the features and benefits that they need to provide to be part of the National Forest.

View a map of all the sites.