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Erlas Victorian Walled Garden

Erlas Victorian Walled Garden is one of the smallest woodland sites within the National Forest, yet its impact on the growing National Forest for Wales network is significant.

The National Forest has an inclusive approach embracing all woodland types, sizes, and settings, recognising the vital role that woodlands play in addressing the Nature and Climate emergencies, while also providing social and economic benefits to the people of Wales. 

Erlas exemplifies the outcomes of the National Forest, showcasing good quality, well-managed woodland featuring unique specimen trees. Notably, the site boasts a veteran mulberry tree estimated to be 250-300 years old, recognised as one of the Charity‚Äôs most valuable assets.

Erlas Victorian Walled Garden excels in community involvement by actively supporting the health and wellbeing of its community through opportunities for people with additional needs, volunteering and education.  The site features woodland and garden trails that are accessible to all, fostering inclusivity and encouraging use by local people. Its recent status as part of the National Forest has further grown its popularity. 

The charity is demonstrating innovation in its approach to woodland management. The multi-purpose site hosts a range of events, offers training sessions including woodland skills and forest schools, and sells a variety of woodland products and garden produce. 

The woodlands at Erlas Victorian Walled Garden are a valuable green space within the Wrexham area, as part of the National Forest for Wales network, they enhance connectivity with the wider wooded landscape and other National Forest for Wales sites. 

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