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Dr David Clubb, Chair

Jenifer Baxter Deputy Chair

Eluned Parrott, Commissioner

Eurgain Powell Commissioner

Helen Armstrong Commissioner

Aleena Khan, Commissioner

Secretariat/Welsh Government

Stuart Ingram, Office of NICW

Nicola Britton, Office of NICW


Nick Tune, Commissioner

Stephen Brooks, Commissioner


1.    Welcome and declarations of interest.

The Chair welcomed commissioners to the meeting with a check-in, celebration of success, declarations and invitations.  The following invitations were note:

•    The Deputy Chair has been invited to all Autumn Party Conference through in role with the Royal Academy
•    Renewable UK/Cymru: Future Energy Wales 2023 in November. Overview (


Register for renewable UK Wales event: Aleena Khan

2.    Housekeeping

The action tracker was noted and updated.


  • Thought Piece on Grid: The Deputy Chair to consider incorporating into the renewables report.
  • Joints events with RTPI on the Infrastructure Bill being discussed for Autumn 2023.
  • CCEI Committee have invited NICW to give evidence re Infrastructure Bill in sept 2023

3.    Commissioner updates:

Eurgain Powell attended A WLGA event on climate change adaption and noted the WLGA see NICW as having a role in resilience planning.


Arrange discussion with WLGA chair (Tim Peppin) to discuss opportunities for joint working: Secretariat/Chair

4.    Feedback on Milford Haven Port Authority Site Visit

Commissioners discussed the June visit.  Overall the visit was positive and useful in raising profile of NICW, however Commissioners were slightly concerned they were seen as a group to lobby on current political issues.  With regard to stakeholder meetings commissioners would prefer smaller focused groups/events and see value in exploring place-based issues.  The Chair would like time built into future schedules for Commissioners team building opportunities.

5.    Consultation responses/ policy updates 

WG Climate Change public engagement strategy is published.  Eurgain Powell reviewed and drew NICW’s attention to the 5 Es of the framework and the 4 behaviour change topics.  This led to a discussion of developing a criteria for NICW to evaluate reports against, although it was noted this would be a resource dependent.

6.    Future Work Programme Updates 

a.    Renewable Energy Report

Commissions discussed the draft recommendations in the report to inform final discussion and sign off from the project leads and Deputy Chair.

b.    Year 2 Flood Research Procurement

Eurgain Powell and Eluned Parrott updated the group.  A letter from the Climate Change Minister endorsing NICW’s approach was noted.  The role of the PAG and whether to create mini project boards was discussed.

c.    Year 3 Development of approach to existential risk.

The importance of scoping the project aims throughout out the autumn was highlighted.  A fuller discussion on a call for evidence and next steps is planned for the September NICW meeting.  The projects leads are planning to arrange an informal meeting with the Deputy Climate Change Minister to understand his perspective.

7.    AOB: nil

The next NICW meeting will take place 7 and 8 November in NE Wales.