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Dr David Clubb, Chair
Jenifer Baxter Deputy Chair
Eurgain Powell Commissioner
Nick Tune, Commissioner (left the meeting at 1229)
Eluned Parrott, Commissioner
Steve Brooks Commissioner (left the meeting at 1149, returned at 1229)
Aleena Khan, Commissioner (left the meeting at 1104)

Secretariat / Welsh Government

Stuart Ingram, NICW Secretariat
Nicola Britton, NICW Secretariat


Helen Armstrong, Commissioner


1. Welcome and declarations of interest

The Chair welcomed Commissioners to the meeting with a check-in, celebration of success, declarations of interest and futures moment.  

Futures Moment

The Chair will share a link to an article about the increase incidence of 1 in 100-year flood events due to sea level rise.  Eurgain Powell recommended Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson.

Declarations of Interest

Aleena Khan reported on taking up a secondment opportunity within Atkins, to work on a new tool linked to degradation.  

3a. Year 3 Development Of Approach To Existential Risk  

Steven Brooks introduced the paper he and Helen Armstrong had prepared on proposals for the risk projects.  There was a wide-ranging discussion and key points were

  • Projects would need to be prioritised due to budget constraints
  • Projects would be progressed in phases to better manage resources
  • Liaison with the Welsh Governments Adaption team would be necessary to avoid duplication
  • Some projects may need some refinement to ensure they deliver for NICW’s remit

Steve agreed to feedback to Helen.

The chair suggested other Commissions may wish to become more involved as the work progresses  The Secretariat will provide a timeline to aid project management.

2. Housekeeping

The action tracker was noted and updated.  

Minutes of previous meeting were approved.

The Secretariat report was noted.


The Chair is awaiting details of the Welsh Govt deep dive on grid.
The Chair will attend the Placemaking Wales event on 6 June

Risk Register

The Chair talked through the development of the NICW risk register, suggesting it is reviewed quarterly.  There was a discussion on whether NICW’s impact and stakeholder expectations could be logged.

Commissioner Updates

Eurgain Powell updated about the Wales Net Zero 2035 Project, noting the main report in due for publication in July.

Eurgain also spoke about the Future Generations Commissioners 5 Ways of Working tool.  It was agreed the tool and outputs would be discussed at the next meeting

1. Consultation responses / policy updates

An early working draft of the WG’s Climate Resilience strategy has been circulated for comment by 4 June.  

2. Future Work Programme Updates

a. Year 1 Renewable Energy Report

It was noted a formal response had still not been received from the Welsh Government.

b. Year 2 Flood Research

Arrangements for the 7 June workshop are in hand.  A possible launch date was discussed covering climate week and availability of the Senedd to hold a reception.  

The status of the Cooperation agreement was discussed with the Secretariat confirming the work can continue as a Welsh Government remitted project.

c. IWA Infrastructure Futures Essay Collection

Submissions are now received and a publication schedule is to be agreed, with a likely start of mid-June with a weekly essay and a final anthology released in the Autumn.

d. Futures Map

The Chair explained the thinking behind the pilot project.

3. CCEI Committee Report and NICW Response

It was noted that the Senedd will discuss the CCEI Committee’s report on NICW’s annual scrutiny session on 5 June.

4. NICW Review

Commissioners confirmed they were content with the Terms of Reference for the Review.  It was noted the review team will attend the July meeting as observers.

5. AOB

Arrangements for the June visit were discussed including the main topic areas (transport in rural wales and resilience of transport infrastructure.)

The next meeting will take place 18/19 June in Aberystwyth.